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About us

In 1990, the only way to check availability for Charter flights, was either to call the Tour Operator, look at the daily (or even hourly) faxes they sent, or log into 'Viewdata' and manually check a number of different suppliers systems. This was very time consuming, and a number of agencies only dealt with a small handful of suppliers.

Using multiple PC's, our lead programmer designed a system that would automatically 'poll' a large number of Tour Operator's systems hourly, to produce a database of availability. This allowed agents to check many tens of tour operator's availability within seconds.

All of a sudden, agencies using the 'flight-finder', were seeing massive growth and reduced costs, as their staff no longer needed to plough through either Viewdata or daily fax's, and reduced their telephone costs by more than 90%.

Our Approach

TTSS are the leaders in offering the best deal for both parties. We don't tie you into long contracts, you are free to walk away after 30 days written notice. We believe in building partnerships that will be mutually beneficial for all.

We can offer:- Web site design, Database solutions, Software and programming, Intranet and Internet services, Web Hosting, affiliate marketing, email marketing, pay per click, SEO and natural listings, ROI Tracking, XML, SOAP, PHP, PERL, CGI

What do we do?

Data Mining

We are specialists in all types of system connectivity and data extraction. We can extract it and organise it into any format you wish.

Airline booking System



Data Provider

Airline Flight Cache - Accommodation Caching - Cruise - Car

Software and programming

All software is written in-house and our unique search engine has under gone massive change since it's creation in 1990.


TTSS are happy to provide Ad Hoc consultancy to help you grow.